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One to Ones

We know that there are many barriers stopping people from getting the life they deserve and sometimes, even though the evidence suggests groups are the most effective way to remove most of these barriers, some people still feel too anxious to attend. This is why we offer a limited amount of one-to-one sessions so that you can concentrate on building your confidence with a Recovery Practitioner in the community first.
These volunteers are fully qualified at level 2 in our accredited course entitled “Supporting People in Recovery”. They can support you with a whole variety of issues such as housing, debt, benefit forms, and employability. We are flexible in meeting your needs and will do our best to support you in moving forward.
Please be mindful that we have to train up our Recovery Practitioners and this can take up to three months. We also have strict rules on how many members a Recovery Practitioner is allowed on their caseload at any one time, as after all we have a duty of care to protect their mental and social health as well, especially as they are so valuable to us and our members- after all, they give up their free time to help people. Therefore, there may be times when demand exceeds supply in terms of our volunteers. In such instances we may accumulate a waiting list and will let members know if this is the case and will . offer peer mentor buddying and the “welcome” group instead as a temporary measure until a volunteer becomes available.