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Recovery College

We offer 3 courses which can be done together as a 12 session course or broken down into 4 short courses. Each session lasts for 2 hours.

Building Life Skills

A short course to help you consider:

  • Anxiety and a way to clear thinking

  • How to review and evaluate your current situation

  • How to assess your self-confidence and how to take action to improve it

  • How to identify a better future and create goals to move you forward toward that future

  • How to use different relaxation and sleep management techniques to support yourself

  • How to stay healthy in the process

Building Relationships

A short course to help you consider:

  • How to assess yourself, work out what stops you moving forward and what helps

  • How to recognise, build and sustain helpful and supportive relationships

  • How to communicate: speaking for ourselves, speaking to others and sharing our stories (if and when we want to)

  • Self-esteem: setting our own goals and boundaries and solving problems in our best way

  • How to stay healthy in the process…


A short course to help you consider:

  • What kind of work is best for you?

  • How to make the best choices

  • How to identify barriers and strategies for success

  • How to make good applications

  • How to stay well in the process….