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Contact details:
Telephone: 07946 776818
Email: Stafford Social Hub
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Stafford Social Hub has been running community based mental health preventative service since 2009, this is being delivered by Starfish Health and Wellbeing’. The Social Hubs tackle social isolation and loneliness as well as alleviates mental distress using an alternative refreshing mental healthcare model, one which refocuses on social health- where engaging in meaningful activity and gaining positive social support are key. The Stafford Social Hub has a lot of activities and resources on offer, including group sessions, peer mentor training, volunteer training and community based courses to help people recover from mental health issues. People will be helped to form and design the support groups that they want to use, some will have a social or activity focus whilst others will help people to cope with mental health issues. After a while, if people wish and are able to, they may become a peer that supports other people within a group, progressing to a trained and accredited volunteer with the Open College Network (OCN Level 2).

Please email Stafford Social Hub or follow us on Facebook for more information on workshops and groups. 

Virtual Volunteer opportunities are available. If you are interested in Volunteering, please email Connect4

If you are interested in crafts, you can request to join our Facebook Page, Create & Talk

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About Stafford Social Hub

Starfish is committed to take action to change unfair and discriminatory practices wherever they occur. The Stafford Social Hub is open and welcomes all individuals as we strive to create a network of groups and activities where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 years or over who may be unable to take care of themselves, protect themselves from abuse or from being exploited. They could be vulnerable because they are old and frail, or have a sensory impairment, a disability, a mental health problem, or have some form of illness. Abuse can happen in many ways. It can be physical, verbal, sexual, financial, neglect, discrimination or institutional.  In an emergency or where there is severe risk you should inform the Vulnerable Adult Referral 0345 604 2719. If it appears that a criminal offence has taken place, the police should be informed immediately on 999.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about the service, you can either complain formally or please put a formal complaint in writing to the Project Lead, Emma Gregory at our Connect4 Office. Alternatively, you can contact Starfish CEO Iain Caldwell via our Hartlepool Office on 01429 269303. The response time is within 2 weeks, but complaints will be dealt with immediately where possible. The complaint can go to the Manager or directly to Head Office. The timescale for a written response is within 28 days, and there is an opportunity to appeal.